Tinder Picks New Feature – How It Works

Tinder Picks New Feature
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In addition to the ” Places ” option, a new feature has now been rolled out on Tinder : After tapping on the symbol of a golden diamond singles find a pre-selection (in English “Picks”) of the allegedly most appropriate profiles. Whether Tinder Picks for Android and iOS smartphone users will be able to access the new feature, whether it’s free, and learn more about it below.

If many of the profiles on the popular dating app do not suit your tastes, Tinder Picks promises to pre-select people most likely to suit you. But not every single flirting single can use the new feature …

Tinder Picks: Here are the highlights

So far, the new feature is still under test and is only available to Tinder Gold users on iOS devices. Tinder Picks can be opened in these regions:

  • UK
  • Germany
  • Brazil
  • France
  • Canada
  • Turkey
  • Mexico
  • Sweden
  • Russia
  • Netherlands

Whether you can use the feature, you see, when you see a diamond to the right of the red flame icon. If you tap on these, the top pick profiles will be displayed daily. You can tag them directly with a super-like , write to or look at the hot flirts. After 24 hours you are new profile highlights proposed.

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According to the official Tinder-blog , Tinder Picks should land doctors, artists and other top profiles in the personal selection. Whether this preselection for the users makes sense, will be shown only by the resonance.

Dating apps are booming and can be found on more and more smartphones. What do you think about looking for your flirt or the great love by app? With which app did you have the best experiences? Share your knowledge with us and our readers.

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