How to Tinder: tips and tricks to improve your chance of getting a date

How to Tinder: tips and tricks to improve your chance of getting a date

Tinder is popular, the competition in the flirt apps is great. If you want to attract attention, you need a few tricks. We’ll tell you a few.

First of all, fundamentals

Do not expect too much

Without wanting to frustrate yourself: Even with Tinder, not everything is as easy as it seems. The competition is also immense. Means: If you want to be successful with the dating app must be creative, innovative and authentic. Everyone has to expect setbacks.

Morning Chat

not the best time to go on date hunting with Tinder. In fact, this seems even more desperate. Statistically, the chances of success in the morning are best. So flirt in the morning with a cool head. Then it could be a hot evening.

So much depends on the picture, and there is so much to consider

The own photo vs. Group pictures

The first photo of you is crucial. This app is only about the first impression. Therefore, take care that you look good. For group pictures, the others should not be prettier. However, pics with more people have the advantage that one or the other stay longer on your profile, because it is not immediately clear who it is. It may even provide the impulse to still look at the other pictures.

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How to get a date on Tinder

Always remember: how does the other person see me?

You always have to ask yourself: What does my picture say about me? How much of my body do I show? Do I use filters? If yes, which? Too much make-up is not a good sign. If only the head can be seen, that can not be good for the body. Second important motto besides “the first impression counts”: clothes make people.

The photo

sequence Of course, the pictures also depend on the correct order. Every performance gets better if it follows a certain chronology. Therefore: In the first picture you should be good to see. No sunglasses, no hats. Only the face. Best with a sympathetic and open look into the camera. The following pictures can then show you interesting hobbies. Always remember: these photos have a decisive influence on how the other person perceives you.

But never too cool.

First picture: You in New York. Second picture: Her in speedboat driving. Third picture: You at the Formula 1 in Monaco. That looks very cool. For others, such photos can also be scary or depressing. Because his life – maybe – is not that exciting.

The Caption

Each photo needs a decent description. In this case, do not even try to be particularly intelligent or eloquent. This is usually wrong. Even irony is not understood by strangers. However, one may be funny. There is nothing wrong with being on the safe side and simply writing what you see in the pictures. If you are standing on a surfboard looking at a picture, just write: “I love surfing” or “For me, surfing means freedom and sport at the same time.” Your counterpart already has a clearer picture of you without being embarrassing.

The art of conversation

How do you get in contact? In the flirt app it often comes down to the first sentence. An old gimmick is to step in directly with a question from which the opponent can not get off so fast. When flirting with Tinder, the “What do you like more?” Game (dogs or cats? City or beach?) Is very suitable.

Start Conversation: Refer to the Picture

What always goes, of course, is a reference to the photo of the other. Does a detail praise: “Beautiful shoes” or “In which city did you take the picture?” That should make the conversation start rolling.

If compliments, then individual and no plates

If you decide to come straight to compliments, which is undoubtedly a good start strategy (who does not like to hear nice things?) Then please do not get too flattened. “You look so horny” please avoid A pretty woman hears this countless times at Tinder – a day.

Please no personalities

Even with Tinder, it is like in real life: Dumb sayings forgive only friends and acquaintances, if you have known them for some time. For new acquaintances, they are usually only repulsive. First of all, nothing ambiguous. Everyone who uses the app knows it’s about flirting and data. It does not need slimy personalities. The effect of level. This impression must always be avoided. You know that, that can change. But that’s another story.

Basically: In conversations always on the other and …
… shows interest in the other. As soon as someone is interested in me, I am more friendly with him. So look for similarities and consider how they would be suitable as a topic of conversation. Even if the other time something boring writes: Are interested.

The right use of emoticons

The small icons are cute and can be used for a lot. But beware: Excessive use of emojis always makes you look a bit speechless. However, it also states that people who use many emoticons have more fun in bed.

Your statement

Again, there is a lot to it. Your statement should be funny, interesting and enlightening. Please do not assume alleged classics like “Live every day as if it were your last”. Only real guy write something like that. A no-go are also lists like “sporty, sweet, single”. It is the basic assumption of every flirting service that the members are singles.

Be it yourself

It does not make any sense to be different than you really are. At the latest, when you meet for the first time, you can not pretend anyway. Apart from that, it takes too much strength to be someone else.

From Tinder Flirt to Date

How do you get the number of the other?

You find you interesting. Now it’s about transferring the flirt from the virtual to the real world. So first, organize the phone number. You can say for example: “Would like to show you where I am right now, but unfortunately you can not send photos via Tinder.” WhatsApp? “

Old rule: the other one chooses the meeting place
Leaves the initiative to the other when choosing the meeting place. That gives him or her more security. It is important that the other trusts you. Only then can the one-off meeting become more. Only beginners go there on the first date, where everyone knows them.

Important conclusion rule: The next match is already waiting
If it does not work, no matter. The great thing about Tinder: The next hit is just a swipe away

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