How to Keep the Tinder Conversation Going 14 Tips

How to Keep the Tinder Conversation Going 14 Tips

Hello guys we will tell you today about 14 TINDER DATE TIPS that you do not know yet.

Tinder Date Tip 1:

Time: So that you can still Bring.

Tinder Date Tip 2:

Plan shorter, non-binding dates – otherwise you’ll notice after a few minutes, if you’re sitting, that she’s not your type and you will get frustrated.

Tinder Date Tip 3:

Let her talk – that gives her the feeling that she had a really good date, because she was so good at talking – so be a good listener.

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Tinder Date Tip 4:

The less you are the type who can speak well, the more you should focus on external activities. Good talk: corner bar – bad talk, warm up necessary: ​​museum, comedy show, cinema.

Tinder Date Tip 5:

36 questions that are supposed to make you in love – do not I think so much about it, I’ll read you 4 questions: Do you have a secret idea when you’re going to die? If you knew that you would die in a year From all the people in your family, whose death would you find most disturbing? What is the relationship with your mother?

Tinder Date Tip 6:

Touch Early: The longer you wait, the weirder it gets. Especially if you sat the whole date next to her and did not touch her and in the end you want to kiss her -> hug her in the beginning, this makes you a “warm person”.

Tinder Date Tip 7:

Sitting in the L or next to each other.If you sit opposite and there is an awkward silence, you can not look anywhere else.If you sit side by side, you can watch the world together.

Tinder Date Tip 8:

I love the movie “Matrix” – when you express yourself so accurately and accurately, you make a statement and that makes you look more attractive than when you make statements that do not represent strong opinion. But be prepared to give your opinion and have good arguments ready. In the discussion you can score points and it is one of the most exciting interactions in flirting.

Tinder Date Tip 9:

I think you can have a lot of fun with _ with you! “If she tells you that she likes to sing, you can say:

Tinder Date Tip 10:

Say “yes” to the little things in the date: You ask them do you like popcorn? “Joa” you do not get any rice with names written on it.

Tinder Date Tip 11:

Relationship theme: Do you have one? Why are you in no one right now? What went wrong with your last one? – and we respond to it passively: Joa, actually I’ll go easy on it and let it come to me blablabla OR: I want nothing more than a relationship and if you do a little ONS ONS, that will be evil for you end up!

Tinder Date Tip 12:

That was a great date – but could not you wear those pants next time? That gives you really unfair advantages Now she wants to wear these pants for the rest of her life. Could you please not wear these pants? What? Was that just an insult?

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