How to get a date on Tinder

How to get a date on Tinder

For those who want to know “how to get a date on tinder” for a good friend, we have the best tips here on

Tinder has long been the first source for many to land a date. With these Tinder tips, this will work even better for you in the future.

1.Revise your profile

To land the perfect Tinder Date, you must first sell properly. Or better: her profile. Scan your image library and look for the image with the best illumination, the best angle, your chocolate side. If you can, chase the image through popular photo editing programs or ask a friend who can. A tonal correction, a good filter and a twist on the contrast work wonders. The same applies to the text in the profile. Everyone knows that what stands there is, at best, a slightly stretched version of the truth. Much more likely: It is like one big lie, as always.

Rule # 1 : Your profile should be short and a bit sweet

A few sentences, maximum. You do not need more. No one wants a guy every woman thinks he spent hours thinking up the perfect text while drinking his handpicked green tea. That’s not sexy. That’s just weak. You want to be the guy who puts two funny, charismatic phrases out of his hat as he goes from training back to the car. At least the text should work the same way. So for the perfect phrases, you can spend the whole Thursday at home to put the boiled essence of your creativity on the Tinder profile. But remember, that’s not how it should look.

Rule number # 2 : Do not give personal details

Name, age and distance to your Tinder match are already listed. No one needs more. For now. All information on job, size, university, address and siblings are immediate attraction. Your date would like to get to know you relaxed in your free time, as a pleasure and not get the impression that someone has made the background check of a private detective agency on the net.

Rule number # 3 : Do not be cheesy or embarrassed

Specifically, that means, jokes that dripped with lard so that you could fry a goose with it, you must necessarily avoid. As well as too complicated jokes, that usually ends in bad calories.

Rule number # 4 : Do not try to be cute

“Dog and cat lovers” – that may take you to the Friendzone, but not to the regions you want to penetrate. And a date certainly does not guarantee you such a line. Besides, your potential match knows that you’re lying. You can literally smell that. “Love hugs and muffled Sundays” is also such a line that at the most leads to someone putting a trash can in front of you.

Rule number # 5 : Do not be a smartass

Avoid an ironic “I’m a real ass” attitude in the profile. That goes for phrases like, “No, I will not call you back after our first date. And no, I do not want you to become my girlfriend. Your decision! “Nobody likes offensive smarties. This is the basis for all the other Tinder tips to succeed.

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2.Find the perfect first sentence

The first sentence decides about victory or defeat. We’ll show you 8 sentences that you should not use – and the alternatives.


Not correct! On no account may you use the Wink Smiley. Irony has no business here, at least not if you do not know each other yet.


Do not even start with “Hey, Hi or Hello” . Or with every other greeting. That just does not fit, sounds too formal for the occasion, and does not necessarily trigger the desire on the other side to want to know more about you. Remember, you’re on Tinder. Start with a Fun Fact. “I have three toes” may not be the best idea. But, “Did you know that the Australian Tourist Office is currently looking for an Official Koala Bear Cuddler?”

2.“How are you?

Are you Joey from Friends ? No you are not! Besides, Joey of Friends is just the guy who would fail miserably on Tinder. A pretty face alone will not help if communication is not right.


Being asked by a stranger how you feel is the abyss of creativity. What should be the answer .: “I’m fine. And you? “Please, may I shoot myself on the spot?

If you already start with a question, ask at least something very concrete and exciting. “What’s up for lunch?”, “What do you think about Trump’s tweets”, “Do you think Martin Schulz will be Master of the Universe this year?” You could also jump in with a joke. But since that will most likely not be funny, you’d better stay that way.

4.“What are you wearing under this dress?”

You would be surprised. There are men who really use this line, and worse. If a woman reacts to it, that is not to be taken seriously. She is probably sitting with her friends and her dog is answering you.


“I love your dress!” New best gay friend! Congratulation. No, but seriously. If you add a few more details, it will be much less creepy!

She is wearing a sweater with owl pattern? (Why Owls): “I love owls, how did you know that?” Does she wear a vintage piece of Adidas that you have too? Tell her.

5.“I live right next door!”

She just called the police.

6.“Hey, I think you know my friend Markus!”

Do you want your date to talk about Markus or about you? Shall Markus on the date or you? Or is Markus a fake profile of you?


“Hey, I know you from the party at Markus! ** And you have a mutual friend, which ensures a relaxed start to an exciting conversation **.

7.”Are you tired?”

“Because I can not get you out of my head the whole night!” For some reason, men think that’s funny. A bit ironic and the date is already fixed. No, that’s not it! It’s just a really bad sign up.


“I’ve heard women love pictures of little baby animals .” Then send a cute picture of a baby animal behind. Sounds weird, but that works. Test it.

8.“Hi, I’m Alex! What is your name?”

Sorry, can not you read? It’s still there! Do not act like you’re at the bar. ** **


“Let’s forget all the small talk and have a drink!” I translate that to you: “I’m self-confident, normal and do not need to hide behind any phrases. THIS IS HOT!

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