Guide To Successful Tinder Conversations (10 proven tips)

Guide To Successful Tinder Conversations (10 proven tips)

Anyone who wants to meet new people often lands at Tinder – for data, flirting, chatting and exchanging ideas. Nowhere is this as easy as here. But how does the Tinder Chat succeed? We have the 10 ultimate tips for you!

Swipe, swipe, match! It has never been so easy to meet new people. Meanwhile, there is hardly anyone who does not have his personal Tinder story ready. Be it the former classmate rediscovered on Tinder, the native of Spain, who has shown you the most secret corners of Madrid, or the dream man for the great emotions.

Are you still a Tinder beginner? Then we have some tips for you on how you will be successful on Tinder. We asked the employees of a company for their recipes for success and secret tips.

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Tip 1: Pictures say more than words

Pictures say more than words

Yes, the nice profile picture. Here you can pull your first ace out of the sleeve. employee Carla advises: “It is best not to use a masquerade with tons of make-up and a photo with a filter as a profile picture.” That’s not really you. Also too many pictures are not always helpful – three good portraits are enough – a no-go : Group pictures with your BFFs where your opponent first has to guess who you might be in the picture, not good.

Insider tip: “I usually use pictures that are good for starting a conversation, for example, I had a picture from the vacation with surfboard and written in my bio-text:” Every second there is another chance. “So I came directly talking about my hobby and nobody had to boring with a ‘hello, how are you?’

Tip 2: Short, Short & Coffee

Short, Short & Coffee

Less is sometimes more. Employees Christina have done well so far: “I’m always in favor of not writing in the chat too long.” Keeping my word short is my motto. “It’s more fun when you make a date for a coffee – then you’ll notice much faster Whether the chemistry is right or not, I have already met some interesting people – it will develop the most exciting and funniest conversations!

Tip 3: Mini or Giant: Please no surprises

Mini or Giant: Please no surprises

Little cheating will fly up sooner or later. Therefore, you should be honest in terms of age, height, appearance, etc. Colleague Diana advises: “Although it sounds a bit banal: I think it’s good when people write their height directly into their profile, because the question of size is one of the most annoying questions in the chat and it also saves you from being one meets a man who is two heads shorter than himself on the date. I have not happened yet, but it would be my date horror.

Tip 4: Every beginning should be exciting

Every beginning should be exciting

A “Hello, how are you?” everyone can type. Be creative – this is how your dream type will discover you much faster. Insider tip from employee Marie: “You do not even have to get in with a question or a text message – sometimes a funny message is only enough in emojis to make the other inquisitive or you send a crazy gif message and will be remembered. “

For example, Mary posted a gif showing david with a brow lift and a flirt look. As a result, her match sent back a gif with a dancing Beyonce. Incidentally, this date later proved to be a direct hit.

Tip 5: Let yourself be discovered

Let yourself be discovered

Meeting new people is always very exciting. It’s the same for you as it is for you. So make him curious about you. Employee Britney explains: “There are people who lash you out without a dot and a comma, which usually scares me off, so my advice: do not tell him your entire life story in the first chat, first, because then he hardly speaks and secondly, because it makes smarter to throw a few information bites (about likes, tics, or rare hobbies) to make him curious about you instead of telling him all about you down to the smallest detail.

If there is a meeting, you still have enough time to get to know you better. The chat is actually only to check briefly, if the chemistry between you is right. Everything else will follow if you see each other live.

Tip 6: Small research is helpful

If you have a match and the other one is also interesting, you should still prepare a little before you write to him. Take a look at his profile. What is he writing about himself? Mostly the entry is much easier if you have a hanger. And if only the common passion for long-distance travel or whatever.

Colleague selva says: “If nothing better than ‘hello’ comes to my mind, I usually do not even react at first. Then I think: ‘That’s what he is writing parallel to ten other girls’, but when I realize that he’s looking at my profile that looks quite different.

Tip 7: Date rather unusual!

It’s ok if your date also affects other people. That’s not so bad, after all, everything is not binding and you get to know each other. But that’s why you should also give a little gas to stay in the memory. The tip of employee Priya: “I think it’s great if suggest Matches Dates that are more than just ‘a coffee drink . Go’ Once someone has Bake Me spontaneously cookies invited and although it only friendship was, it was a The best dates I’ve ever had, but as a woman you should be brave and creative when it comes to the first meeting. “

Tip 8: Why Smalltalk is sometimes top

Nevertheless, with the first contact you should not fall directly into the house with the door and overwhelm the others with his messages. Colleague Mack advises: “I do not think it’s that great when I’m bombarded with a thousand questions at the beginning of the chat. ‘What are you working on, where do you live, what are you looking for?’ – Being questioned that way is really exhausting.

A little bit of creative small talk is often much better to remember if you’re on the same wavelength. For example, I talked to Lord of the Rings for a very long time after we realized that we are both big fans. That was really fun.”

Tip 9: Think first, then talk

Especially at the beginning, if you hardly know each other, there are also some topics that you should avoid for the time being. For example the topic ‘other dates on Tinder’. An absolute no-go for employee Mika: “To talk about other women is my absolute no-go. I met with a match once and he told me right from the beginning how bad this and the woman he was before That makes me think about the man rather badly, but it’s much nicer if you simply tell your match why you’ve just swiped him / her to the right . “After all, everyone likes compliments .”

Tip 10: More than dates and flirts

Anyone who thinks of romantic dates at Tinder is mistaken. Because you can find much more about Tinder. For example the perfect tourist guide. The tip of employee veronica for all people with a desire to travel: “Tinder is super handy when traveling, for example in cities where you do not know anyone.” You can get tips from locals via the chat.

I was on a girl’s holiday and after we landed in a terrible tourist corner on the first night, we followed the secret of a Tinder match on the second evening and discovered an area with super cool bars and restaurants. where we celebrated half the night with the locals. It was totally worth it! “

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