Best 15 Tinder Tips & Tricks

Best 15 Tinder Tips & Tricks

Find the right partner with the popular flirt app? Hm, not so easy to get matches and answers! Or you end up getting the wrong users who are looking for nothing serious …

Read my 15 best Tinder tips for women and men! From the perfect profile to the right cover letter to entertaining chat and date, you’ll learn everything you need to know.

Tinder Tips – Part 1: Fill in the profile

tinder profile picture tips

You should not only get many matches in the app , but also be liked by the right users who you can then like back. So also class instead of mass! After all, who wants to get to know people who do not even suit one another?

To get the most tasty fish ashore, it is therefore important to make his profile meaningful at Tinder. And with photos, profile text and other information.

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1.The first profile picture as a portrait

Rumor has it that the dating app is pretty superficial. If you get no matches as a man at Tinder, it is probably due to a bad profile photo.

The no-go’s that you should take into account in the profile picture are actually quite easy:

  • No cheap selfies in front of the bathroom mirror, no hot workout pictures from the fitness or from your car
  • No group photos or photos that look like you could be forgiven
  • No boring and / or untidy apartment in the background image
  • No profile pictures where you can be seen from behind, wear sunglasses or a ski suit you completely covered
  • My tip for the perfect first impression: Instead, select a portrait photo on which your face is clearly visible. And please smile do not forget.

A friendly laugh is just better when flirting, because you do not want to come over like an ice princess or the mafia boss himself.

2.More pictures in your gallery

tinder profile picture tips for guys

Do not be x-arbitrary! From the beginning you should clearly demonstrate what kind of person you are to attract the right counterpart to Tinder for a date.

Upload besides the profile picture more photos in your gallery, which will show you exciting activities: sports, holidays, music, pets and much more, what makes your life.

This increases the chance to be matched by like-minded users.

And yes, animals are doing really well. Especially men can score points because women like people who love animals. It shows a good character, also in terms of a relationship!


If you have a well-filled Instagram account, you can link it to the flirt app. This is handy because Instagram’s pictures are now automatically displayed in Tinder and you do not have to upload extra pictures here.

3.Cool loops make you alive

If you still want to put one on top of it, upload a loop video to your gallery (tap “Add media” on your profile page).

These pictures in continuous loop bring you to life and help to convey an even better impression of you.

But make sure that it is not embarrassing or suggestive, but sympathetic. So do not perform a monkey dance. The loop should really make you want to get to know you better.

4.Write the perfect profile text

tinder profile photo tips

Although profile pictures say more than a thousand words, but also your profile text at Tinder you should not neglect. Because who is interested in a relationship with you and wants to get to know you in dating, sooner or later throws a sniffing look into it.

But do not do things like:

  • sucked, pseudo-profound sayings and poetry
  • desperate statements, how long have you been lonely singles as a man or a woman?
  • boring descriptions of hobbies, profession, etc. as a pure enumeration of facts
  • The chances that your partner later in the chat on such statements and questions in the profile text is received, is great. A well-filled profile also helps to provide a conversation piece so that the conversation flutters like oiled.

5.Be picky in your profile!

Another good strategy is to show in your profile text what you expect in a relationship from the other. Separate the wheat from the chaff, with words such as:

Wipe to the left, if you need 3 hours in the morning in the bath and do all-inclusive holidays, swipe to the right, if you like camping and stargazing.

Men use such sentences to show that they are not desperate for flirting with online dating, as they do not take every woman who swipes their nose while swiping.

Women can limit the flood of useless likes and matches (at least a little) by not being lied to by any idiot they do not like.

Tinder Tips – Part 2: Better Partner Suggestions

Better Partner Suggestions

You only collect good likes and matches when Tinder suggests you the right users from the beginning. But how do you get the right profiles on the smartphone screen when swiping?

6.Set search radius and age

It sounds terribly banal, I know. But many men and women forget this simple tip for Tinder:

Before you wipe off wildly, you should take a look at the settings of the dating app and make the fine tuning.

Choose your distance limit for the search, depending on how mobile you are. If you are not looking for a long-distance relationship, you should set the search radius up to 25 kilometers.

You do not want to be suggested to young jumpers or users who could be your mother or your father? Then set the age range correctly, according to your wishes in the Dating.

7.Algorithm “hacking”: Like picky!

No matter what gender, we often attract the wrong users: women are lavishly licked with guys who only want sex on dates rather than serious relationships. And men often get no answer in the chat even at matches, because the lady is not that interested.

The solution is to use the Tinder algorithm for its own purposes and get better partner suggestions.

It works quite simply: If you are picky and only a few users swipe to the right, suggests the dating app you in return also potential partners who also sparsely distribute likes.

So at most 30% of the profiles proposed in the swipes.

So you attract the users on land, who are really serious, better fit to you and have an increased interest in getting to know you!

8.Superlikes are for the ton

tinder superlikes

Superlikes promise us that we get the maximum attention from a potential partner. Still, that’s not all that great, as it sounds at first:

Not only do women get a lot of likes, they are also bombarded with superlikes. That means, your “mega special-like” with the blue star goes down in the crowd anyway.

As a man you also mediate a low self-esteem, because the woman thinks:

Hm, he thinks he’s boring, because he does not believe I’ll ever pay attention to his profile. That’s why he desperately has to fight for my attention. No thanks!

But even as a woman you are acting with a superlike pretty desperate men, because honestly: Does a much-courted lady at Tinder something like that needed? I do not think you need such a thing if you take my tips here.

Tinder Tips – Part 3: Write someone in the chat

You have a match? Excellent! In your first message you should find the right words to get an answer, to get the chat rolling and to put your counterpart immediately through their paces.

Incidentally, for men, I already have an article with tips on how to contact women for online dating , so that they can find a successful way into a conversation.

9.Inappropriate words when writing

Think carefully what you write before you eagerly start typing! After the profile, the first message is the second impression the other person receives from you. Especially as a man you should therefore avoid these no-go phrases like the vampire the garlic:

  • Plump compliments to the look (” Hey, you’re really pretty! ” Or ” Your eyes are awesome! “)
  • A simple ” Hi! “Or” Hey, how are you? “
  • Boring questions (” How was your day so far? ” Or ” What are you doing professionally? “)
  • Intrusive remarks and questions about dates (” Do we want to meet? ” Or even ” Lust or Sex? “)
  • Memorizing memorized flirting (” You do not believe how long I had to swap here to meet you! “)
  • The result is the impression that you at Tinder indiscriminately fire any standard messages to a thousand people and you are not really interested in your counterpart.

If you really want to get a (reasonable) answer, you have to come up with something better in the letter in the chat.

10.Tailored message to the profile

When you write down your match, you should always formulate an individual message tailored to your or your profile. For example, ask a question about the profile picture or profile text:

  • ” Cool guitar. What kind of music do you play? I once played the violin in a folk band. “
  • ” You were on vacation in Rome? Did you also walk through the Colosseum? Not me, but found St. Peter’s Cathedral really blatant. “
  • “Hey, if you’re allergic to cats, my turtle will not ruin your day! “
  • ” Interesting tattoo. What significance does this symbol have for you? Also have a tattoo, guess where “
  • As you can see, it can not hurt to write something about yourself when you write – instead of just questioning it.

Tinder Tips – Part 4: Master the Chat

Of course, the first message is just the beginning of flirting. It’s about getting to know each other better and to see if one date is worthwhile with the other.

11.Do not mutate to the prolific writer!

There are exactly 2 mistakes you should avoid now when writing in chat (especially as a man):

  • write too many and too long texts like a novel
  • Always write back immediately
  • Your partner otherwise thinks that you have a really boring life, if you seem to depend on the whole day in Tinder. Besides, it seems pretty desperate to overflow his new internet acquaintance with news.

If you want to be interesting, make yourself scarce. That is, write back the highest twice a day, and then no longer texts than he or she does.

Your investment in the chat should always balance, but that is communication at eye level!

12.How you are not speechless while chatting

How does a conversation usually take place among friends? You come from one topic to another, without there really being a logical thread:

  • He: I recently bought a new toaster.
  • She: Oh, I love toast, especially with strawberry jam.
  • He: By the way, as a child, I used to pick strawberries with my parents.
  • You: Sweet, are there any photos of?
  • He: Yes, as I stand with raincoat and rubber boots in the middle of the field!
  • She: Haha, rubber boots are coming back into fashion, I’ve heard …
  • He: Are you much interested in fashion? I like to go shopping, even if it’s not typical for men.

What I want to tell you with these (fictional) example sentences: If the conversation in the online dating once running, then it goes by itself, thanks to such loose associations.

So do not worry so much about “logic” and do not work out a rigid list of questions, as in an interview. Instead, just pick up what you read in the chat to further deepen the topic and move away.

And: Do not always ask questions, but also contribute your own opinions, experiences and interests!

Flirting also means always bringing in a joke and teasing the other. The result is the tingling sensation that provides the sexual attraction.

13.When the conversation thread breaks off …

… then you go back to Los, like Monopoly (and don’t collect 4,000 Euros )

Meaning: Look again into the profile of your virtual opposite and address any hobbies or other things that you can take there – as you have hopefully already done with your first message.

This is how a bumpy chat gets rolling again.

Tinder Tips – Part 5: Arrange a Date

And now? Apart from typing on the mobile phone nothing is going on? It does not have to! Getting a date is actually quite easy – at least easier than most men and women believe.

The prerequisite is, of course, that in the chat has developed a sympathy, which now makes curiosity for more.

The most important rule: Do not write back and forth for weeks! Most people at Tinder do not want to hear your entire life story in conversation before they meet you on a date.

Everyone knows: At a certain point (after about 5 messages), the pure texting brings nothing, because you have to meet the other anyway personally, to feel whether it fits a relationship (or sex).

You do not have to ask for WhatsApp first, then continue writing to WhatsApp until the day of the Never-Like-Day.

You now have two options:

14.The simple invitation to a coffee

Many women even write in their profile that they do not want to spend much time writing back and forth, but prefer to get to know each other personally.

Here, but also with other users, you can write a sentence like:

” Hey, I think you’re very nice, but the Tips tapping is too impersonal in the long run. Let’s meet for a coffee to see if the chemistry is right. “

Are the chances good for a commitment to the date? Clear! Because such a meeting in the cafe is small, non-binding and does not hurt anyone. Finally, you can go separate ways again after 45 minutes, if it really does not fit.

15.pursue your common hobby

You found out a common hobby in the chat conversation? Perfect! Then you suggest to do something related to your community in dating. For example:

” At the weekend is an interesting fair in the city. Let’s go together! “
” On Saturday, by the way, wanted to go to the flea market, to see records. Do you want to come along? “

Common interests are welded together by men and women. Besides, it will not be a boring 08/15 meeting like most couples.

Achja: In the end to exchange mobile phone numbers is helpful. So you can discuss the date over the phone or via WhatsApp more detailed, and communicate faster even with short-term changes.

Incidentally, you’ll find many more date ideas here if you’re looking for an activity that turns your meeting into a highlight.

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