Tinder Gold Hack – Get Tinder Plus Free

Tinder Gold Hack – Get Tinder Plus Free

You use the free version of Tinder and wonder if you can really get tinder plus or gold for free then you should use our tinder gold hack.If you are looking for tinder plus or gold free then our team here at marty-collins have some good news for you.Congrats you have landed on the right side.

In this article, I’ll tell you the true benefits of a Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus subscription. Also how you can get the benefits of a tinder gold hack.I will show you if a subscription is worthwhile for you and which of the subscriptions suits you best.


Already destroyed today? If you think about dating, you can not ignore Tinder. But why is the dating app so popular? Because she is fun and works. At least if you do everything right. We reveal the best tips and secrets for more success and matches at Tinder and show you which mistakes you should definitely avoid.

Why you need to use a tinder gold hack?

Tinder is probably the best-known and most popular dating app ever. If you do it right, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for on Tinder: flirts, big love? Everything is possible. Our guide is aimed at both newcomers and advanced users who are dissatisfied with their recent success at Tinder. We recommend that you read the guide completely and implement all the tips . Worth it!

Ever wanted to use a tinder gold hack? from now on you have the chance to get the tinder gold version absolutely free. It only takes a few minutes and saves you a lot of time and money. There is nothing to worry about as the tinder gold hack is completely free. without a hand number and without a survey you have the opportunity to become one of the best in the game.

Tinder free version is limited.You cant do unlimited likes and superlikes in a free version.To left the limit you need a tinder gold or plus.With the tinder hack tool you can always do unlimited likes and superlikes each day. Imagine you could get tinder gold or plus version worth a few hundred euros for free without even paying a penny. this is exactly what is possible with the tinder plus hack. you can handle all of the microtransactions with just a few clicks without paying and without any risk.

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Benefits of using a tinder gold hack

Due to the huge popularity of tinder, we decided to create the Tinder Gold Hack so that everyone can get tinder gold for free. Of course, Tinder gold or plus is not available for free, you have to buy it for real money. Our Tinder Plus Hack is very useful here .

Using the dating app is completely free but to use the app unlimited can take a long time. The uer must accumulate a lot of resources to be able to buy the necessary improvements in the app. To be able to pass the app in an easier and shorter way without stress and complaining, you can use our tinder gold hack and reach higher levels much faster.

The second option is less tempting, you can simply buy Tinder Plus or Gold for real money which seems like a pretty stupid idea but unfortunately it is very expensive. Not all of us have a few hundred of dollars to spend on the app to reach the dream level. Our Tinder Gold Hack is recommended for players who want to reach the top in Tinder. You can get rid of the frustration caused by getting stuck at some level and immediately move to a higher level without any costs or effort.

Features of tinder gold hack

Tinder gold hack was created by users who find the system inside the app not fair. All players with a lot of money can easily pass through the levels when the poorer players need to tire at every level and spend all eternity there. Our Tinder Plus Hack lets you pass levels instantly and make gameplay loyal to players easier. Hack is of course completely safe to use, it works on devices with Android and iOS. Connections are encrypted and established by the proxy server system.

Our tinder gold hack works by having an internet connection. no other tools or other programs are necessary. a stable internet connection is required. you do not need to download the tinder gold mod apk because it only works online. this reduces the risk of being banned somehow. we find it safest to simply use the tinder plus hack with our proxies and encryptions. so far we have never heard from our players that they were somehow banished. on twitch YouTube and also on Facebook you can meet a lot of users worldwide who have already used the online hack.

What is Tinder?

The dating app is aimed primarily at women and men between the ages of 18 and 35. Worldwide, 50 million Tinder members are looking for contacts, date and love. Above all, Tinder stands for uncomplicated flirting, fun, adventure and self-discovery of the smartphone generation. Thus, the app hits the nerve of the time. Stubborn is the prejudice that Tinder is a pure date app. Only 22% of users are on one-night stands off . The majority is just curious , looking for friendships and is in principle open to everything .

What sets Tinder apart from other dating apps ? Easy to use , incredibly many users and the high fun factor . Signing up with Tinder is quick and easy. And instead of having to rummage through crowded databases like countless filters, Tinder users will find interesting singles in their immediate vicinity. The next potential flirting partner lives around the corner, so to speak.

He might go to the same university, go to the same clubs, or even live a few streets away. The regional dating focus facilitates spontaneous meetings.A certain disadvantage: You may recognize neighbors, friends and fellow students again. Or one is just recognized by them. It is (almost) everyone at the Tinder, but no one likes to admit it. But even for this problem, there is a good solution, tinder gold hack .

Tinder – From startup to millionaire company

Tinder used to be called “Match Box”. The two founders Justin Mateen and Sean Rad managed the launch with the financial support of the US investor IAC. However, this was also involved in the matchmaking platform Match.com. Presumably one wanted to avoid trouble because of the name similarity or trademark problems (the known toy cars) from the outset. So the app of the young startup was simply renamed “Tinder”. The logo shows a blazing flame, a symbol of the kindling love and passion.

First, Tinder was introduced and distributed on the campus of the University of Southern California. Thus, the app entered its unstoppable triumphal procession around the globe.

However, none of the other dating formats are sufficient for the success of Tinder. Tinder receives two billion calls a day. The flirt app is present in more than 190 countries and generates an annual turnover of about 800 million dollars .

How does Tinder work?

The principle of Tinder is simple: You get successively photos of other users from the surrounding area and decide by swiping, whether the person optically pleases or not. Who likes, is wiped to the right. Who does not fit into their own prey scheme, left. The latter will not be displayed again for the time being.

When two Tinder users rate each other positively and swipe their photo to the right, a match is created . Only then can the two users contact each other via chat and write personal messages. This prevents you from wasting your time with people who would not be eligible for a date anyway due to lack of sex appeal.

However, not all users are truly single: around 41% are in partnerships, 30% of whom are even married. Some people simply test their “market value” with Tinder . Others enjoy flirting , pass the time, or use the dating app for uncomplicated dates.

Tinder Symbols: Playful from flirt to flirt

Tinder is very clear. The interface with its colorful symbols looks simple but inviting. From a psychological point of view, too, it’s interesting: It does not just look that way, it also feels almost like a game to rate the other users as “hot” or “not” via a swipe. You sit at the “power lever” and can swipe or tap easily and above all lightning fast select who you think is good and who not.

At the top of the screen, we quickly get to our own profile with the left button, where we can set / change images, change our search settings (age range, maximum distance) or write a profile text. The switch in the middle brings us to the actual pictures of the other users or shows us optionally so-called “Top-Picks” (Daily recommended profiles). Right next to it you can see prominently how many “likes” you have already received yourself. The button on the top right brings us to the news and the feed.


If you use the free version of Tinder, you can award a so-called “super-like” per day . And to the most beautiful person that meets you on this day. Accordingly, a super-like is a great compliment. This is not wiped to the right, but to the top. Alternatively, you can tap on a blue, star-shaped symbol. In a match, the person who has awarded the Super-Like will be displayed in a different chat list and with a blue marker. Best conditions for a date!

Subscribers to the Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus paid subscriptions can earn up to five super likes per day . In addition, there is the possibility to buy super likes via the app individually or in the package. This purchase option for Super Likes appears, if you want to award a Super-Like, but the possible number is already used up.

Boost function

When the boost is turned on, your profile will be shown as “Top Profile” to other users in the area for 30 minutes. Tinder promises 10 x more views through the boost . Why is that an advantage? It increases the chances of a match. If you use Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, you will be able to catapult yourself once a month at no extra cost in the photo stack. For users of the basic version, the boost function is subject to a charge. The more boosts you buy, the lower the price per boost.

Top picks

The “Top-Picks” is a quite new feature. Tinder provides a daily selection of particularly attractive and popular profiles that are said to be “picked out” based on personal swipe preferences and habits . So you get partial profiles that you do not even find (eg due to a low ranking) in the usual stack.

Of course, the insight in “Top-Picks” serves primarily to make the user the paid Tinder Gold version palatable. In principle, every Tinder user can only pick one daily top pick. However, the selection of top picks at Tinder Gold is much more extensive and many more profiles are displayed. As a Gold member, you can purchase additional top picks for a fee.

Tinder algorithm

What many users of Tinder do not know: which profiles are displayed is no coincidence. That’s what the Tinder Match-Making algorithm is all about. Part of it has long been the so-called Elo score , a rank assigned to each user. According to Tinder he plays since March 2019 allegedly (almost) no longer matter. As a dating app, Tinder pursues the goal of bringing together suitable people .

For this reason, the user data is collected, compared and evaluated, Officially, it’s still not known in detail how the Tinder algorithm works. According to Tinder, skin color and income do not matter when matching. According to the company, the focus is on one’s own activity within the app . Tinder wants to connect people who have a similar level of activity and are online at the same time. Or to put it another way: With your own activity, swiping and writing messages, you contribute to the attractiveness of the dating app. Maybe this will be rewarded by Tinder?

Elo score

So far, the Elo-Score decided on two things:

Which persons their own profile was displayed and
where your own profile appeared (further up in the stack or further back)
Tinder himself rates his users and classifies them as “hot or not”. However, not only the look is crucial. What has changed is that the focus is now more on one’s own activity and the use of boosts and super-likes. A clever move! The company only earns when users spend as long as possible on the platform. If you really want to get more attention through super likes and boosts, sooner or later you have to exchange the free basic account for the paid offers Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold . We’ll get back to that right away!

So … Sounds like (almost) everything stays the same. We assume that the Elo score continues to play a crucial role , at least in metropolitan areas where many people are necessarily using Tinder. Here it is almost inevitable to weight the attractiveness of the individual users in the algorithm stronger than in rural areas with significantly fewer Tinder users. Our tests showed that in less frequented regions basically all users are shown, regardless of their attractiveness. Everything else would be counterproductive.

However, user behavior will probably decide even more today how lucrative you are for the company. You could almost say: It is rewarded who draws, holds or makes money from other users.

Tinder without Facebook?

No question, the fastest way is to register with Tinder by linking to your own Facebook account. The app fetches the personal data and the registration process is completed in no time. Although this is comfortable, there are several disadvantages with this method:

No optimization for online dating

The real Facebook profile is probably not optimized for online dating. Keyword: photos. This may need to be improved. Not every spontaneously recorded selfie is suitable for Tinder. Even family photos have nothing to do with Tinder.

Anyone who still wants to use his real personal account should create a separate folder for Tinder photos on Facebook and set this to “private” . Then at least Facebook friends and family do not see with which recordings one plunges into the dating adventure. Also, the risk of being detected on recordings is smaller.

What everyone should be aware of:

The Tinder is not anonymous or pseudonym possible when linking to the real Facebook account.
Certain information (likes, favorite movies, contacts in the friends list) is shared with the completely unknown.

No protection of personal data

Anyone who releases their data via Facebook to mitigate their privacy not only with their own matches, but especially with the app itself. Tinder collects all data: every swipe, every contact, every chat, everything is meticulously kept. Over years. When French journalist Judith Duportail asked the company to publish the data she had collected, she got back an 800-page tome . A hacker would have detailed background knowledge about the love life, sexual desires, mistakes and missteps of 50 million people around the world. And not only that: Tinder also stores information about forgiven likes on Facebook, the pictures on Instagram and the songs of Spotify.

Create a separate Facebook account to flirt

The good news: The private Facebook account is not a must to kill. There are other possibilities:

New users sign up for Tinder with a second Facebook account and new mobile number.
Users renounce the connection with Facebook and register only with a new mobile number. A disposable number is not enough for this: After the account is created, a verification code is sent via SMS. This variant is not completely Facebook-free: The registration process works via the Facebook tool “Account Kit”. The specified phone number will be stored by Facebook in any case.

Tinder profile

After all, there is an advantage by linking to Facebook: the profile is automatically filled with photos, your first name, age, occupation and location. Common friends and likes are also visible directly in the profile. In addition, there is the possibility to set an “About me” text. Not all users make use of it. A completed profile means several advantages: The Elo score increases. And for other Tinder users the profile looks more interesting and real. Who connects the services Instagram and Spotify with the Tinder profile, can present his photo collection and favorite songs. In the case of a match that means plenty of conversation. More tips on designing the profile below with the Tinder tips .

Match at Tinder – cover letter?

In a match, men should not wait too long, but be active . Women expect the initiative to come from a man. Those who let too much time signal lack of interest (Do not forget: to completely refrain from contacting them has a negative effect on the Elo score and the popularity of Tinder drops to the basement.) The company needs happy women!).

The first message should convince with creativity and wit . A simple “Hi”, “Hey”, “Hello”, “How’s it”, “How’s it going?”, “What are you doing?” And similar meaningless phrases are not enough to make contact. There are no discussions. If you want an answer, you should come up with something original. Women do not like boring people.

Is Tinder free?

In the basic version Tinder is completely free. The app can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android. In most cases, the free version for flirting and data is enough. Still, at least.

However, the free version of Tinder has certain disadvantages:

  • Limited range: It is only possible to meet other Tinder users within a radius of 160 km.
  • No swipe correction possible: The own swipes can not be taken back. Sometimes, when you’re downing, you can quickly wipe off inappropriate profiles to the left – and you’ve accidentally removed a potential candidate between all the rivets. With a Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold can correct the faux pas.
  • Limited Likes: The number of likes (swipe to the right) is limited. If you have reached the upper limit, you have to wait 12 hours . How many photos you can like, Tinder does not reveal. The number is probably user-dependent and is related to one’s own behavior.
  • Just a super-like per day: every day you can only award a single super-like.
  • Paid Boosts: Boosts that push up your own profile and raise the Elo score are not included in the basic version. But you can also be purchased on request.
  • Advertising: The free basic version is ad-supported. Advertisements regularly appear between the user photos.

Tinder Plus

Tinder Plus includes some premium features that save time and bring your profile forward:It is possible to distribute unlimited likes through swipes to the right. (Attention: this does not make sense because of the impact on the Elo-Score.) An accidental swipe can be withdrawn .Instead of a single super-like per day you can award five super-likes .

A boost per month ensures that you are displayed as a top profile in your own environment for 30 minutes and receive more views.The “passport” allows contacts with singles all over the world.Thanks to practical filter functions , you have more control: you can, for example, decide to only be shown to people you have previously liked.More privacy: You can hide age and distance in your own profile .

Is Tinder Plus worth it? Our conclusion

Tinder Plus definitely pays off for intensive users. Due to the numerous additional functions makes Tinder even more fun and provides especially for men for much more success in the form of matches. Even for users who want to meet other people in more distant places and a long-distance relationship are not averse, worth the paid upgrade. By shifting your own location, contacts are made all over the world. Due to the limitation to a radius of 160 km in this case, you will not get far with the basic version, and the financial investment for Tinder Plus is – at least for the younger users – within the framework.

For all users who do not want to be recognized by close friends because they may be a little embarrassed about finding Tinder, Tinder Plus offers a genuinely ingenious option:

In the settings “My Tinder Plus” you can choose to display only the option “only people I like” exclusively to users who have swiped to the right. It gives you a very good control of who sees your profile.

If you do not want to be recognized by your friends and coworkers, this option alone justifies an upgrade to Tinder Plus.

Tinder Gold Hack and Tips

Tinder Gold offers the same additional features as Tinder Plus – with an extra : As a Tinder Gold subscriber, you can see who has liked their own profile picture. With the “like you” feature, swiping the pictures instantly lets you know who a match can be made with. However, this calculability makes Tinder a little less exciting and exciting .

However, with a simple hack, Tinder Gold can immediately increase Tinder’s own appeal and thus the number of matches:

Set a new, really great profile picture (see our Tinder Tips below) and then change the location. This will show all singles in the new area.

By a “boost” at the new location, the profile appears in top positions.
Since you can see in advance who has liked your own profile picture, you can control matches. In order to be perceived as particularly popular and desirable by the Tinder algorithm, only a maximum of 10 – 15% of these persons are swiped to the right.

The same procedure is used in other places.
Make sure to contact the matches in a timely manner.
When you return to your home town (at the earliest after 48 hours) your own popularity is at an enormously high level, so that all users – even the most attractive – get to see the profile again more often.

Is Tinder Gold Hack worth it?

Tinder Gold pays off for those who want to push their Elo score and have more matches in a short time. The visibility of your own profile is increased. It also saves time to see right away who a match can be made with. But there are also less thrill and spontaneity. We believe that a Tinder Gold Free Account is not essential and recommend the Plus version. In that case use our tinder gold hack to use tinder at fullest.